Should Your Business be Pinterested?

Should Your Business be Pinterested?

Pinterest. The pin-board social networking site that’s relatively new to many. For those of you who know it and love it, we recognize that it’s gaining a lot of attention in the business world. Pinterest started out as a closed beta site in March of 2010. It spiked interest for so many due to the exclusivity of operating as an invitation-only website. Today, it has claimed its spot as one of the most popular social sites out there. Sounds fun, right? So where does my business fit into play?

Pinterest users can search, sort, save and share images that are referred to as pins through their  “Pinboards”. These boards are typically themed to help manage and organize their images. As it continues to catch on like wildfire, business owners of all industries are posing the question: “Should we be doing this? And if so – where do we begin?”

Like many social sites, the first step can be intimidating for a company. Even after they’ve put their toes in the water, they want to make sure they know how to swim…and swim well. They often wonder if or how it will generate business or increase their presence online. We’ve taken a few minutes to highlight the various ways your company could potentially utilize Pinterest to market the business and the brand. Consider it our basic course on swimming with a life preserver.


The Setup

Keep these in mind when creating your account:

1.  Your profile and username should highlight your business.

2.  Be sure to add your website URL to the profile so people can learn more about your business.

3.  If you currently have Facebook and Twitter accounts – make sure to connect them with your Pinterest account.

4.  The “About” section allows you to place a brief description of who you are. It is the best way for users to find out more about the company.

5.  Be creative in selecting your board names. You want them to be interesting but descriptive.


The Basics

This high-level tutorial will help guide you on a few quick tips to remember once your account is created.

1. Keep things simple. As you create your pins make sure to use key descriptor words and one link back to your company site for them to find out more.

2. Promote more than just products and services. News, tips and tutorials help make your company stand out as more than just a self-serving Pinterest user trying to generate sales.

3. Add a “Pin” button to your website to notify visitors to your company site that you have an account on Pinterest.

4. Participate in the action. It is important to build your boards with relevant information. It is equally as imperative to engage in conversation with others. Reply back to comments on your pins, re-pin other items you may find relevant to your business or educational for your fans. Follow other accounts that relate to your business and audience to stay engaged and aware of trends and new information you may want to share with your followers.

5. Utilize hashtags. Like Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest has also enabled a search function to organize topics. When using the hashtag before keywords in your description, this will help users find your content in their searches.


The Suggestions

Regardless of your business, there are ways to utilize Pinterest. From jewelry to manufacturing, there are unique approaches to connect with your audience. We tossed out a few ideas to help get you started.

1. Create a “How-To” board. Use this board to pin tutorials for your clients or potential customers that relate to your products or services. Pinterest allows for presentations and videos to be pinned to their site, so take advantage of this opportunity. We are constantly teaching our clients new ways to improve their image, their brand, their process. Turn it into a tutorial!

2. Highlight your team. Create a board that features your team members with a photo and bio. Create behind-the-scenes images of your company or how a product is made. Let this be a board that communicates your company, your core values and your products.

3. Be the expert in your field. Create a board that features trends within your niche.

4. Pin specials and offers. Your account can specifically have a board created for latest offers with your company. Pin images of these offers with links back to your site for followers to learn more.

5. Let them see what you’ve been up to. Conferences, events and tradeshows are all great ways to show followers more about your company. Develop a board on your account to highlight events your company attends or puts on. Once your board is created, you can also tell people about it at your events and encourage them to post photos and share on your board.

6. Share client stories. We all love to read a great success story. Take case studies and share them on a board for current and potential customers to see!

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