New Year, New You. Building Marketing Resolutions for 2013.

New Year, New You. Building Marketing Resolutions for 2013.

The New Year is here. Let’s reboot a bit. Take a minute to grab a pencil and paper. Let’s figure out goals for 2013. Take an entire day if you have it. And if you’re anything like me, I’ll be reaching for my iPad. Although I love a freshly sharpened pencil, the odds of me losing that piece of paper filled with my hopes and dreams for 2013 are far more likely than me losing an entire tablet.

Where do we begin? Lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, learn Italian, take a painting class, do one random act of kindness every day…my personal list will continue to get longer with each new day. But in the meantime, let’s focus on marketing-related goals for the business. Here are some simple ideas and goals for our own company. We hope many of them will jump start a few ideas for your company too!

•  Blog. It’s my first personal goal, and one I’d like to set for our company. We have numerous voices here at Be Bold with lots of great ideas on a variety of topics. Making a commitment to blog and with regular frequency will help increase your lead flow. It’s an excellent tool for communicating with your current and potential customers and another outlet to share your knowledge and expertise. How often? The more the merrier while keeping the idea in mind to keep your content relevant to the individuals consuming it.

•  Videos. These might not be as easy as posting to your blog, but it is an excellent tool to communicate. Start by shooting for a goal of one video quarterly. Videos can be powerful because it tells a story while allowing the viewer to get to know you better. We’ve heard it numerous times. “I just don’t think my company really has anything that would require a video.” Every business can produce relevant videos. They can be about products, a tutorial, industry trends or a great customer success story! If you’re blogging about it or talking about it to your customers…more times than not, a video can be created about it. Share them on your website and on your company’s YouTube channel.

•  Get social. Stay active on social sites. From the looks of it, they aren’t going anywhere any time soon and are a great tool for reaching your audience. Post company updates, share those blogs and videos you took the time to create, interact with others’ content. If you’re not currently using any social sites, take a minute to do research and determine which ones seem best fit for your company. Still a little nervous on where to begin? Find one organization that you love and see what they are doing in the social world to gain some inspiration! It’s time to get your feet wet with social marketing in 2013!

•  Set measurable objectives. It’s a great habit to get into. Otherwise, you truly don’t know what you don’t know – so how can we measure the success of any project? It could be starting out small. Whether it be setting new goals on number of viewers to a new video, new followers on Twitter, increasing your website rankings. Setting a physical benchmark will help you track your success and make adjustments where necessary in order to continue improvement.

•  Pick your team. Sounds silly, I know. But so often (our team included!) will come up with incredible ideas to reach our audiences, but we don’t always delegate the internal tasks properly. All of the sudden, daily responsibilities get in the way and our inspirational ideas get pushed to the back burner. Pick a team internally to help your organization stay on task with your marketing goals. Or really any goals. It truly can make or break the success of your own internal campaigns. Divide up the responsibilities among individuals at your company. You might come to find that someone within your staff is an exceptional blogger or loves social marketing and you never even knew it! Everyone is busy, and the clients always come first. That part is a given. If the internal work is shared, the odds of success are much greater. It’s also a great chance to bring the group together as a whole towards the continued success of the company.

•  Keep that content fresh. Yes, content is still king. Google is switching up their search algorithm constantly. It makes it imperative to constantly be updating your website with new and informative content. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to show up on that first page of the search results a potential customer is reviewing? You’re all number one in our eyes – now let’s work to get you in that number one spot in Google’s eyes!

•  Stay visible in person too! I’ll be the first to admit it. I love the Internet. I love monitoring rankings, reading blogs, searching, connecting on LinkedIn, and gaining new fans on Facebook. They are all wonderful ways to spread the word about your company. But don’t go disappearing on us! Networking, meet-ups, and yes… even trade shows if you’re in the right industry – still help you build a presence and generate sales leads. There is something to be said about meeting someone in person, shaking their hand and exchanging business cards. Naturally, we still want to know who we are potentially doing business with. We want to put a face to the name. Like my mom always says, “You kids and your technology. Skype may be wonderful, but there is something even better about seeing someone in person as opposed to feeling like you’re a TV show.” This year, I’m listening to my mom to make sure we stay in front of our audience both online and offline. Let’s face it, the handshake is still impossible to do online. Although I get the feeling someone will prove me wrong somehow with that last statement.

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