Beasts of Branding: Nest Labs

Beasts of Branding: Nest Labs

What better way to market your company’s revolutionary take on the smoke detector? I’ll tell you – buy a fire truck, wrap it with your logo & company colors, give people rides on it, and teach the general public about fire safety. Done and done.

Be Bold Advertising has been a longtime admirer of Nest Labs’ impressive marketing efforts & products. (Well, product – singular.) Until recently, their only product has been the flagship Nest Thermostat, a “smart” device that learns your family’s household temperature preferences over time and programs itself. Not only does thing sound cool, it IS cool (or warm, depending on the time of year you’re using it) – we’ve got one and are constantly impressed by it.

With the ability to be controlled from anywhere via smartphone or tablet, the Nest Thermostat also gathers data throughout the month and e-mails you energy saving reports. Many of the major utilities companies offer a $100 mail-in rebate should you decide to buy one of these bad boys, bringing the $249 pricetag down to a much cooler (I’ll spare the pun this time) $149. But enough about the Thermostat (or the new Nest Protect, now available for preorder) – we’re here to talk about how (well) they market their products!

Nest Labs Inc. boasts a beautiful, modern website that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in-browser (clean typography & color palette, harmonious CSS & Javascript, fun animated infographics, and more). Their product packaging is elegant (and also green-friendly), and even their e-mailed energy savings reports are heavily-styled while still classy and minimalistic look….could you expect any less from Nest CEO Tony Fadell’s leadership? He did, after all, lead the team at Apple who created the first 18 generations of the iPod and first 3 generations of the iPhone, so making cool stuff is apparently part of his DNA.

We look forward to seeing the new ways that this company continues to market its line of impressive household products and retain their title as a Be Bold Beast of Branding (we hope you like alliteration as much as we do.)

Photo Credit (banner): John Lee
Nest Labs Inc.

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"What better way to market your company's revolutionary take on the smoke detector? I'll tell you - buy a fire truck, wrap it..."

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