"The End of a Love Affair"

  • Introducing Ernie Krivda.

  • Introducing Ernie Krivda.


ARTIST NAME    Ernie Krivda

LABELS   Capri Records, CIMP, & Cadence

GENRE    Jazz

HOMETOWN    Cleveland, OH, USA



Ernie Krivda is now in his sixth decade as a jazz performer. He is acknowledged by both his peers and jazz critics as one of the world's great tenor saxophone players and one of the jazz worlds most unique artists.


“No doubt about it, Ernie Krivda is one of the originals of the tenor saxophone” wrote Bill Donaldson for Cadence Magazine about the legendary jazz musician whose 6th decade on the music scene is already filled with a variety of accomplishment. The tenor saxophonist is regarded by critics such as the late Harvey Pekar as “one of the best jazz tenor men in the world”. The composer has written countless compositions in multiple genres. The recording artist has well over thirty albums released on a number of record labels with more on the way. The teacher has former students performing and recording all over the world.


In 2009 Ernie Krivda received the Cleveland Arts Prize award for lifetime achievement in music and the lifetime of achievement continues. Krivda who has recently won the Jazz Legends award from Cleveland’s Tri-C jazz Festival and a CPAC (Community Partnership of Arts and Culture) Fellowship worth twenty thousand dollars, continues with great energy and passion career that spans over 50 years.


The journey in music that began under his musician father Lou’s influence from almost birth to his tutelage at age 6 has taken him from polka bands in his early teens, classes at The Cleveland Institute of Music, the bands of Cleveland greats Eddie Bachus and Bill DeArango in the jazz clubs of Cleveland, to a life in music that includes the mentorship of Cannonball Adderley, tours with Quincy Jones, performances with musicians such as Ell Fitzgerald, Phil Woods, Sarah Vaughn, Buddy DeFranco, Groove Holmes, Terry Gibbs, John Faddis, The Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra, David Sanborn, Jackie Wilson and concerts with his own groups at Jazz Clubs and Festivals all over the world.

The musical journey goes on with a new recording for Capri records on the horizon in 2015 and touring that will give audiences an opportunity to hear “The sound that sets him apart” (Applegate music review), and the musician that the venerable Jazz Journal (of the UK) calls “both classic and brand new” ………The Legend Continues….!




“Requiem for a Jazz Lady” (2015)

"...such a unique personal tenor voice..."
- Joe Lovano

Requiem For a Jazz Lady presents six originals and one classic standard that reflect his memories of an era in Cleveland jazz history and the life and times that gave birth to it. Krivda has also penned in the liner notes, a narrative (complete with pictures), of his life as a young musician and his introduction to the jazz life, its drama, the players, and the haunting echoes of an era that shaped him.

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“Blues for Pekar” (2011)

"The most distinctive saxophone sound in the business.”
- David Dupont
(Sentinal-Tribune Bowling Green)

“Every now and then something truly spiritual comes to me to review that will move both your spirit and your artistic sensabilities. Ernie Krivda contains this magical power in his playing…”
- George Carroll
(Night Life Exchange)

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“Live at the Dirty Dog” (2010)

"No doubt about it - Ernie Krivda is one of the originals of the Tenor sax.”
- Bill Donaldson
(Cadence Jazz Journal)

“The evidence of his originality is long since complete and his playing is virtually free of cliche....logic and intensity in perfect balance.”
- Doug Ramsey

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