Venture Lighting

Venture Lighting

Mobile application, “Node Installer”

Operating System:

Custom Functionality includes:
QR Code Scanner, GPS, Custom Database Integration and Administrator Interface

Venture’s LeafNut™ system ( is an advanced intelligent wireless control system for area or street lighting. The LeafNut “nodes” are housed in each light fixture and communicate via radio, satellite and cellular systems to deliver control and status messages to your secure web page accessed from any computer on the web. You can control, adjust, monitor and receive maintenance messages from each light fixture. With Venture’s LeafNut upgrade kit of energy efficient pulse start ballasts and Uni-Form® lamps plus the power of the LeafNut system, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption expenses while improving with bright, white site lighting.

Venture Lighting commissioned Be Bold Advertising to build a native Android app, the “Node Installer,” which would allow Venture employees to scan the QR code from a LeafNut node, capture its serial number, identify its GPS coordinates (longitude & latitude), add node-specific properties like site name, pole and fixture information, and then record the node’s data to a database in the cloud.  Per Venture’s request, Be Bold also created a custom administrative interface which allows an authorized user to view recent installations, manage existing nodes in the database and export node data (by site name) to a .CSV file.

Venture Lighting "Node Installer"


Venture Admin Screen


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