Dell, Inc.

Dell, Inc.

Dell “Project Sputnik” XPS 13 (Developer-Edition) Campaign

The FrontSide

Create a responsive website design to market Dell’s developer-focused Linux laptop, the XPS 13, “Project Sputnik.”

Be Bold Advertising was commissioned by our good friends in Austin, TX, The FrontSide, to design a responsive website for their client, Dell, Inc., to use as part of a marketing initiative for their new line of XPS laptops geared toward developers, dubbed “Project Sputnik.”

In keeping true to the origin of the word “sputnik” (Russian for “satellite”), Be Bold delivered a series of unique design concepts which were heavily influenced by the Russian Communist propaganda posters of WWII & the Cold War, with specific emphasis on the “space race.”  The color palette that was chosen mostly consists of shades of red, much like the posters that came out of Russia (the Red Army) during this period.

Our involvement on this project is still in progress, but we wanted to share what we have done on it to date.  Stay tuned for exciting updates to this project!

Below you will find some additional information on the XPS 13 “Project Sputnik,” courtesy of

The Dell XPS 13 Linux® laptop features:

– Ubuntu 12.04 LTS loaded onto the sleek, ultramobile Dell XPS 13 laptop.
– Ubuntu 12.04 LTS augmented with the necessary hardware drivers and basic tools, and utilities that support building, testing and producing applications.
– A cloud launcher (beta) that enables “microcloud” creation on your laptop and simulates an at-scale environment; that environment can then be deployed seamlessly to the cloud.
– A profile tool (beta) that will provide access to a library of profiles, such as Ruby and Android, to quickly set up your development environments and tool chains.
– A state-of-the-art viewing experience with Full HD (high-definition) 1080p display.

Project Sputnik


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